Communications Biology Paper


Tetsuo Kon and Koto Kon-Nanjo are first and co-authors in a Communications Biology paper about single-cell transcriptomics of the goldfish retina.

The recent whole-genome duplication (WGD) in goldfish (Carassius auratus) approximately 14 million years ago makes it a valuable model for studying gene evolution during the early stages after WGD. We analyzed the transcriptome of the goldfish retina at the level of single-cell (scRNA-seq) and open chromatin regions (scATAC-seq). We identified a group of genes that have undergone dosage selection, accounting for 5% of the total 11,444 ohnolog pairs. We also identified 306 putative sub/neo-functionalized ohnolog pairs that are likely to be under cell-type-specific genetic variation at single-cell resolution. Diversification in the expression patterns of several ohnolog pairs was observed in the retinal cell subpopulations. The single-cell level transcriptome analysis in this study uncovered the early stages of evolution in retinal cell of goldfish after WGD. Our results provide clues for understanding the relationship between the early stages of gene evolution after WGD and the evolution of diverse vertebrate retinal functions.