Genikhovich Group

Dr. Grigory Genikhovich

Senior Scientist


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Daria Filimonova

PhD Student

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Dr. Sophie Frampton

Post Doc

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Paul Knabl

PhD Student


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Dr. David Mörsdorf



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Simon Weinberger, Master student

Simon was trying to generate reporter constructs with bilaterally symmetric expression.

Christian Hofer, Master student

Christian was performing an in situ hybridization screen of genes up- or downregulated upon BMP2/4 and GDF5-like knockdowns. 

Maria Mandela Prünster, Master student

Mandela analysed the topology of the BMP signalling network in Nematostella and the effect of BMP signalling on Hox gene expression. 

Alexandra Schauer, Master student 

Alexandra performed ChIP-Seq and analysed direct targets of BMP signalling in Nematostella. 

Matthias Richter, Master student

Matthias looked for genes with bilaterally symmetric expression among the direct BMP signalling targets.

Thomas Graf, Master student

Thomas started the search for genes responsible for the dose-dependent reaction to beta-catenin. 

Magdalena Schatka, Master student

Magda was analysing the function of Nematostella Notum.

Thomas Eckhardt, Master student

Thomas was developing tools for degrading specific proteins in the Nematostella embryo.

Tatiana Lebedeva, PhD student

Tanya was deciphering the regulatory logic of the oral-aboral patterning in Nematostella.

Isabell Niedermoser, PhD student

Isabell analysed the function of LRP5/6, Frizzled and various Wnt genes in Nematostella.